Welcome to South Point Offices.

South Point Offices is located in the economically powerful Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Its strong position is partly due to the presence of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. While being situated in Hoofddorp, South Point Offices is only 20 minutes away from the Amsterdam City Centre.

South Point Offices benefits from its excellent accessibility both by car and public transport. The Hoofddorp railway station is only 50 meters away. The area around the station has a multifunctional character with amenities such as a gym, bar, restaurant and hotel within walking distance.

The building complex is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Managed by RPGAM, South Point Offices has an on-site management office with dedicated concierge service. This provides your company with a direct point of contact contributing to a reliable and proactive service.

We are looking forward to building a long term business relation with your esteemed company.

Area & Accessibility

South Point Offices (SPO) is located in the Randstad region, with more than 2.4 million inhabitants one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe. Within the Randstad, it is part of the so-called Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, which is economically the most powerful region of the Netherlands.

With the new exit from the A4 motorway, the four largest Dutch cities Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam are in general easily reached by car within 40 minutes. Your employees and visitors can have access to ample on-site parking facilities. In addition, over 400 parking spaces are available in the P+R Hoofddorp directly next to the complex.

South Point Offices itself has three secured parking garages and offers an extensive parking lot directly behind the offices. The complex is also provided with several Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points. Bicycle parking is available in the secured parking garages on level -1.

Public transport offers direct and fast connections to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (< 5 min.), Amsterdam South Axis (< 12 min.) and The Hague (< 30 min.), with the Hoofddorp railway station being situated right next door. During rush hour, a dedicated bus service connects the offices to the airport.

Local area

South Point Offices is located within the heart of the prominent Central Business District Beukenhorst-Zuid in Hoofddorp. In terms of the number of working persons this is the largest and fastest growing office area of Hoofddorp. The surrounding office users are predominantly larger established companies such as Walt Disney, FedEx, Bosch/Siemens and Asics.

The combination of large-scale modern office space, excellent accessibility by all modes of transportation, nearby amenities such as a hotel, bar and restaurant and an international business atmosphere makes Beukenhorst-Zuid the preferred office location for numerous well-known national and foreign multinational companies.

The vicinity of the railway station is especially important for firms targeting a selective population category: higher educated, young and multilingual people. Today’s young professionals are attracted to live and work in metropolitan areas that do not require a car. They prefer to live in cities such as Amsterdam, Haarlem and other urban centers where they can live in close proximity to a mix of shopping, restaurants and offices. This is the reason why several companies have shifted away from car dependent destinations to locations near public transportation and major highways.

Hoofddorp city centre is only 5 minutes away. Shoppingmall Viermeren, a cinema and various restaurants are within walking distance.

Business Centre

Adjacent to South Point Offices is the new Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: a modern designed hotel equipped with a complementary range of convenient services to make a perfect first impression on your visitors.

The hotel features 314 rooms, 17 meeting rooms and offers access to a restaurant, bar, lobby and fitness.

Beukenhorst-Zuid also offers Restaurant Den Burgh to experience a perfect service during your culinary lunch or dinner.

The Property

With more than 22,000 square meters of lettable floor area spread over six buildings, South Point Offices serves as an anchor point for the Beukenhorst-Zuid business district. The complex of buildings has been designed by the internationally renowned architect Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates.

The entrances of the buildings are situated around an inner courtyard, which gives the complex a campus-like atmosphere. The front of the complex is located at the Taurusavenue, offering a beautiful view over a newly built cluster of sustainable buildings (Park 20|20). The rear of the complex backs onto the Hoofddorp railway station making it prominently visible for thousands of passengers each day.

The floors of the buildings offer an efficient lay-out which can facilitate a wide range of requirements. Establish your office in a single tenant building, available from 2,000 to 5,000 square meters, with its own private entrance, secured parking garage and outdoor signage, or run your business from a smaller office floor, while still enjoying our best possible customer hospitality, services and information. Our floors are potentially sub-divisible to provide suites from 425 to 675 square meters.


Surrounded by nature

“The green environment is ideal to take a short walk during the lunch break”

Perfectly connected

“We are on top of the train and bus station and very close to the highway, so I can always choose the fastest way of transportation”

Individual options

“We choose to have or own building, so we can manage our security and facilities by our self”

Working in South Point Offices

Working in South Point Offices means doing business in an atmosphere of international ambition. Almost 70 per cent of the companies situated in Beukenhorst-Zuid have their origins in Europe, 25 per cent in North America and 5 per cent in Asia. The multinational nature of Beukenhorst-Zuid can already be felt whilst walking around the complex which forms the heart of the district. Employees from all continents pass along, contributing to the international business atmosphere the business park has to offer.

More than half of the companies situated at the Beukenhorst-Zuid area have chosen to locate their headquarters in Hoofddorp. Among the companies that settled in Beukenhorst-Zuid are many multinationals including Walt Disney, Sanoma Media, L’Oreal, FedEx and Asics. As diverse as these companies are, they all share the demand for a high quality work environment that offers them excellent accessibility, convenient services, leisure and a lively atmosphere.

Our clients in South Point Offices are typically looking for well-fitted office space offering them the flexibility and floor plate size to design their work processes in an optimal way.

  • South Point Offices is only 20 minutes away from the Amsterdam City Centre
  • The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam are in general easily reached by car within 40 minutes from South Point Offices
  • The Hoofddorp railway station is next door to the building complex
  • South Point Offices has 652 daily connections with Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  • During weekday rush hours, 2 bus lines leave approximately every 5 minutes directly to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is just 10 minutes away by car and less than 5 minutes by train
  • Hoofddorp city center is only 5 minutes away and has a good variety of shops, nice outdoor terraces and places to eat
  • South Point Offices is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week


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